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Patients choose their healthcare provider primarily on the basis of trust. To build and maintain this trust, personal contact is indispensable. You carry out the treatment on the patient’s premises, which makes it only logical that the patient invoice is also sent from your practice.

Payt offers you an inexpensive and friendly alternative to factoring. Payt not only supports the processing of the bill to the patient, but can also take care of automated clearing via Vecozo for you. Thereby, return messages from insurers are automatically converted into patient bills and you only have to take action in case of substantive rejections. Patient invoices are sent from your practice with your logo, equipped with an iDEAL payment button and QR code. Patients immediately recognise that the invoice comes from your practice and can pay easily and quickly. This significantly improves payment behaviour. Automated where you can, personal where you have to.

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