Vanessa Duppen and Mandy Venrooij well deserved winners Jan Molenwijk prize


On September 9, eighteen graduate dental prosthetics receive their diplomas; because of the first HBO class, this time with an extra festive touch. Although of course all previously graduated can be justifiably proud of their diploma! The graduated dental prosthetics are welcomed as new professional colleagues on behalf of the ONT by Marnix de Romph (chairman of the ONT). After taking the oath, congratulations from the teachers and registration in the diploma register of dental prosthetists, the graduates can officially start their future as certified dental prosthetists.

Vanessa Duppen and Mandy Venrooij receive the Jan Molenwijk Prize for their graduation research from Marnix de Romph and Rob van Straten. This prestigious prize is named after Jan Molenwijk, who is listed as the founder of the ONT with registration number 1 in the diploma register. The jury consists of the board of the ONT. According to the jury members, the researchers report in an accessible written report on an extensive process to arrive at a teaching method to increase the knowledge about low literacy among (prospective) dental prosthetics and teachers. In developing the teaching method, the researchers were guided by the views, ideas and experiences of the users: students and teachers of the dental prosthetics course. Various research techniques were used to uncover the insights of both target groups. The approach shows a lot of creativity and originality. On the basis of these elaborated personas, an attempt was made to connect with the different types of dental prosthetists. The end result is impressive: a teaching method with in-depth assignments and surprising working methods that was assessed by the third-year students of dental prosthetics with no less than 4 out of 5 stars.





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