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Happynecks® producten bieden ultiem comfort voor de patiënt tijdens tandheelkundige behandelingen en verbetering van de ergonomie van de tandarts. Start treatment with a smile :). Happynecks® is een Nederlands bedrijf met hoge kwaliteit handgemaakte producten uit Nederland.

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Happynecks® headrest regular

Happynecks® headrest regular

Handmade, extensively tested and developed into the perfect shape: a Happynecks® headrest provides maximum support from the cervical spine to the cervicothoracic transition for optimal comfort and relaxation during treatment. The combination of the unique shape, the high-quality artificial leather and the filling with Panthera foam ensure maximum comfort and relaxation during oral care treatment. Our Happynecks® headrests were tested by 151 patients, 96% of whom indicated that they would be happy to use the cushion again during a subsequent treatment. Happynecks®, start treatment with a smile 🙂

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