miscea Aqualibur System: Innovative Water Hygiene Technology


Maintaining a safe water quality level within a building’s plumbing network is an ongoing challenge for owners and facility managers. If not managed properly, especially if the water has been stagnant for prolonged periods, the water can become unsafe to drink or use and can pose a risk to public health.

The core components of the miscea aqualibur system enables safe, discreet and automatic internal flush cycles, and when required, also chemical disinfection of the waterline without disturbing the immediate surroundings. In contrast to regular taps, miscea aqualibur fittings enable water flushes to occur discreetly inside the fitting, without exposing occupants to potentially harmful aerosols, chemicals or hot water. The flushes reach all the way to the aerator in the tap outlet.

The miscea aqualibur system is a comprehensive solution for water quality control within a premise plumbing network. The system works to firstly prevent bacterial outbreaks in water systems within a facility and to secondly enable effortless disinfection of the system in case of bacterial outbreaks.

Sanitary fittings with miscea aqualibur technology are equipped with a Wi-Fi module that can be controlled via the miscea Connect App – the web-based application from miscea that is connected to a secure cloud server. The miscea Connect App enables centralized control and management of sanitary fittings within a facility, while also providing necessary documentation in accordance with regulatory requirements.

By installing miscea aqualibur products within a facility, a network of smart fittings is created and the foundation for a centralized management and control system is established. Once this network of smart fittings is connected to the miscea Connect App, the water quality within the facility can be more efficiently managed.

With the miscea Connect App, fittings can be set to perform automatic flushes based on conditions defined by the user.


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