Psst! We don’t like noise in the laboratory – what about you?


We don’t like noise in the laboratory – what about you?

A pneumatic hammer is loud, jet engines and sirens are loud, and a suction tur-bine is also loud. Yet what does “loud” actually mean? What volume is tolera-ble? From what point can excessive noise cause hearing damage or physical and mental strain in general? And are dental technicians especially at risk due to the many loud noises in the laboratory?

Table of contents
– When do sounds count as noise? Pg. 3
– Noise causes stress – depending on the situation, sound pressure level and frequency Pg. 4
– The higher the dose, the greater the (hearing) damage Pg. 4
– Times of intense noise, as well as breaks from noise in the laboratory Pg. 5
– Noise exposure calculator determines sound load in the laboratory Pg. 6
– Survey: Stress due to time pressure, workload and noise Pg. 7
– Noise protection based on psychoacoustic principles Pg. 9
– 5 reasons for a SILENT extraction unit Pg. 9


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