March 5th, 6th & 7th 2026 in Evenementenhal Gorinchem

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Start up avenue occupies a prominent place at the center of the exhibition floor. DentalExpo offers start-ups the opportunity to make their innovation visible and tangible. Ambitious start-ups within this industry want to take steps and present their service and/or product.



Who is behind Nina Smile?


Nina Smile is for everyone in dentistry who is looking for a new challenge where passion and pleasure in the profession are central in the south and central Netherlands region. Nina Smile gives you that nice job with a smile.

I am naturally enthusiastic and I have a characteristic smile that speaks volumes. The name not only symbolizes who I am, but also what I want to mean to others. Our dad calls me ‘the Owl’ as a pet name. Dad is an example for me in the field of work. He is a very hard worker who is always ready for the customer. That is why I decided to incorporate an owl into my NinaSmile logo. A piece of ‘legacy’ in honor of a person who inspires me enormously through his work ethic.


What makes Nina Smile unique?


It is personal and authentic and ‘smile’ is of course a link to a radiant smile. I have been working in dentistry for 11 years, where I have had the opportunity to perform many functions. I think it is important that everyone goes to work with a smile and can return home with a smile. A pleasant workplace has an enormous positive impact on your life and development as a person. We would be happy to contribute to this.

What Nina Smile achievement are you most proud of?


I am not necessarily proud, but above all grateful for the many nice reactions and the trust. I tested the recognition and appreciation of many years of hard work when former colleagues made a special effort to make a phone call. In addition, I notice that clients and candidates recognize what I stand for and their trust is fueled by my experience, even from unknown sources. I think that is the biggest compliment, that people like to call on you to just be yourself and that your actions speak for themselves. 



Who is the story behind Secondent?


I am Remko van der Ploeg. I started my company Secondent, which means secondant in oral care (dental), to assist dental hygienists as a mentor and advisor on their way to the ultimate form of freedom: their own practice. No one has taught you how to do that and that’s why it’s very exciting. I know what it feels like to take the plunge and have made it my mission to help you do so.

What makes Secondent unique?

My 1 on 1 guidance program revolves around one thing: your future. My approach is always personal, nothing is standard. I know the sector, understand what you mean, see your potential and we will get to work on that. Anyone can start their own practice, including you. I’m convinced of that.

What Secondent achievement are you most proud of?

A dental hygienist with a vision of her own practice and a location in mind approached me. She was not understood by the bank, did not know where to start and time was running out because she could lose the property to another interested party. I was allowed to guide her and I steered her in the right direction. We went public as a team and everything was arranged within 2 months. The practice is now open and more patients are registering than we had estimated. I am certainly proud of this.


Who is behind Production2Go?

ProductionToGo is originally a company that was founded a number of years ago in Germany. Two years ago, ”ProductionToGo Benelux” was finally created. ProductionToGo Benelux was created because Ahmed Abo Seada, managing director, merged his old company Seeda 3DPrinting Solutions with ProductionToGo GmbH. Since 2023, we at ProductionToGo Benelux have wanted to do more in the dental sector. Together with the expertise of our German branch, we have been able to make a start in this regard. The next step for us is now to make ourselves known through the Dental Expo on the start-up square.

What makes ProductionToGo unique?


Our mission as a company is to provide the highest quality products and services related to 3D printing. Punctuality and a competitive price are our top priorities. Based on our expertise and experience, we always offer you expert advice and fast technical customer support. We work on long-term partnerships in collaboration with our suppliers and customers. Together we will revolutionize the way products are made in the future.

What ProductionToGo achievement are you most proud of?


ProductionToGo prides itself on the ability to continuously collaborate with our customers and find tailor-made solutions to their challenges. We cherish the strong relationships we have built and the valuable feedback that has helped us grow. This year we have significantly increased our presence in several industries, and we are excited to have formed new connections. Our reliable partners are an essential part of our success and we appreciate their dedication. Together with them we continue to innovate in the world of 3D printing, and that fills us with pride.

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