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Mr. Thirsty

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Mr. thirsty® one-step benefits everyone! Here’s how…

Improved patient safety. Mouthpiece acts as a shield to airway.
Improved patient comfort. Bite block allows jaw to rest and continual suction keeps airway free
from saliva and debris. mr. thirsty® one-step is colorful and fun; looking nonthreatening.

Provides a dry work environment giving a clear, unobstructed view.
Your Assistant is a revenue generator. When only suction is needed, leave it to mr. thirsty®. The
Assistant can increase production and revenue doing other important tasks such as: taking x-rays,
bleaching, placing composite resins, taking digital impressions, treatment planning, etc.

Suction is no longer your main tool. mr. thirsty® one-step allows you to better assist the doctor and
perform other revenue-generating duties (see above). What’s more? With the extra free time, you
could get the next operatory ready, manage sterilization, or spend time on patient education.

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